Saturday, December 12, 2015

Christmas House Tour!

It’s hard to believe it’s only two weeks until Christmas!  I’ve have lots of projects to finish and a few gifts to purchase before the big day. :)  But I am finished with all my decorations!  And now I’m here to share them all with you.  Come along with me…  Welcome to the Horvath Christmas House!

I got a couple of new things for the living room this year.  The gray pillow is from Sam’s, and this plaid frame is from Kohl’s.  I love it!  The new wooden snowflake is from TJMaxx.  And a new plaid blanket on the couch… you can never have enough red plaid blankets!!  Bandit loves the new blanket and likes to curl up next to it on the couch.  I also finally sewed up my red cable knit pillow that I put out every year.  It’s no longer pinned together.  Haha!


Come back soon for the rest of the House Tour.  Happy Almost Christmas!