Sunday, September 03, 2017

Redecorating the Den

Lately I've been working on redecorating the den into a fresh, new space.  Since Georgia was born, Michael and I have been hanging out down here to watch TV more and more (so we can turn the volume up loud while she's sleeping!)  

You may remember what our den looked like with the blue quatrefoil couch, cream chairs and Queen Anne coffee table.  We had the TV on the turquoise dresser (left), so it was difficult to watch from the couch or the chairs without turning your whole body.  Here's the BEFORE picture:

And after we converted our guest room into a nursery, we needed a new space for our guests.  Sometimes our guests would crash down here with an air mattress in front of the couch.  Not the best digs.  So, we decided what we needed was a sleeper sofa.  TV room by day, guest room by night!  Luckily, my grandparents had an old set of couches that they were willing to give us.  The big one was a sleeper sofa, what luck!  My mom reupholstered it for us.  Thanks, Mama!  There is also a matching loveseat that is in the midst of being reupholstered.  :)  But I couldn't wait to share the redo, so here is phase one of the den redecoration, the AFTER picture:

The couch is covered in this beautiful herringbone fabric from Magnolia Home collection.  It's called stone, and it's a warm light gray color.  Here are some in the process pictures from my mom's uphosltery workshop (aka her sewing room, aka where the magic happens).

In addition to the new couch, we got a new rug!  The floors are slippery and Riley was having a hard time running around, plus we are always playing on the floor with Georgia, so a new rug was in order.  I selected the Isburg Denim rug from Lowes.  Its blue, gray, cream and brown floral pattern coordinates nicely with the gray couch and accessories.  I'm still on the hunt for some blue or brown pillows!

Besides the couch, the television is the most important part of the room, haha!  After much deliberation, we mounted the TV on the wall next to the fireplace.  The wall mount allows us to angle the screen towards our couches so everyone has the best possible view.  We still need a cabinet or shelf to go under it to hide all the cords, and to keep little hands out of trouble!  Since the TV is across from the windows, Michael insisted we install blackout shades on the windows so we can watch TV during the day without a glare on the screen.  They are awesome for that "home theater" experience. :)

While we are waiting for the matching loveseat, I pushed the two cream chairs onto the wall that used to house the turquoise dresser.  Turquoise Dresser Lovers don't lament!  The dresser has gone to live in Georgia's room where hopefully it will gain even more fame and glory!  I'll post that update a bit later on. :)  

And to complete the room, I stole the brown leather ottoman from the living room.  We don't often watch TV upstairs (unless you count annoying baby nursery rhymes!) so I don't think we'll miss it too much.  I have plans to get a new ottoman or coffee table for that room eventually.  I also stole the framed barn print from our bedroom.  It matches the new rug so nicely.  

After the loveseat is finished, we are going to put a side table in that corner where the plant is, along with my gray lamp from the office.  So many wonderful accessories that I have collected from all the different rooms! :)  I also intend to repaint this room, either the khaki color that's in the hallway/foyer/living room or a slate blue color like our bedroom.  This current blue is too light and doesn't have enough gray in it.  Hopefully I can get to that after Halloween is over.  So many projects, so little time!! :)

The plaid pillows and throw are from Joann's and the burgundy pillows are from World Market.  To herald in the fall season, I decorated the mantel and the coffee table with child friendly velvet pumpkins from Joann's.  Georgia loves to play with these. :)  And I love that I can finally have a "centerpiece" on the coffee table.  No dogs allowed on my furniture in the den!! ;)  Sorry Riley.

The Gather sign is from Hobby Lobby.  The trunk is a TA Guthrie original.  :)  I can't help that it fits perfectly in the fireplace and keeps little toddlers from climbing in there with all the spiders and dirt!

I think the whole family approves of the new living room/den arrangement. :)  Georgia now has another comfy spot to watch her favorite show.  Over and over.  And over.  :-P

Until next time, thanks for stopping by!

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