Wednesday, November 08, 2017

A Horvath Halloween Costume Party

Hello friends!  I am just dropping in today to share our Halloween party pics with you!  I am a terrible blogger, but hopefully a good mother, as I just don't have much time for blogging these days with a toddler running around getting into trouble!!  :)  But, I couldn't let a Halloween season get by without at least sharing our party details.

This year I coerced my mother into letting us have the party at our house.  I figured it would be easier to decorate since I live here!  Well, Georgia didn't leave me much time, but I managed to deck the house in it's spookiest get-up, as usual.  I had to leave a lot of empty surfaces since she is getting tall and can clear a table rather quickly!  :)  We had a lot of friends and family join us for the soiree.  To save time I had everyone bring a dish to share, so we had a wide array of yummy treats.  Everyone had a fun time carving pumpkins and decorating their cupcakes with eyeballs and sprinkles!  The cupcake decorating station was the highlight of the party.  I was very impressed with how particular the kids were in placing all the sprinkles on their cupcake creations.  :)  

Here's a photo reel from the day:

The bats were out in full force, as usual, swooping down from the ceiling!

Skellyton was hiding in the corner of the dining room this year.  Apparently he had too much to drink and that light is just too bright. :)

I picked up a few new pillows this year from Joann's.  I may have a weakness for Halloween goodies!!

I taped the spiderweb on the front door again, and the deck doors, too.  I think it's a cool, cheap way to up your spooky factor!

As always, the mantel was my first decorating project.  I made a new banner that was inspired by Pinterest.  Then I layered in black, silver and gold items.  

The fireplace was filled with nearly all of our jack-o-lanterns and glittery pumpkins.  It was quite the display!

Mama came as a tavern wench, complete with beer stein! 

Abby was a vampire.  She definitely had the "Scariest Costume" with those fangs and freaky long nails!!

I was a mad scientist and Georgia, my little lab mouse.

Hannah was Dopey and Remi, Snow White.  Barrett was a UPS man complete with a package!  And Ruger was a hunter with his crossbow.

Hannah and Remi are the "Cutest Couple" for their Snow White and dwarf impression. :)  Love those apple tights!!

The boys had a blast decorating (and eating!) their cupcakes.

Our friends Brian and Meghna came as the Demon Deacon and a cheerleader and their kids Janak and Priya were Iron Man and a Princess. :)  I'm awarding Brian "Most Creative" for his mascot costume!  He sewed most of it himself!

Michael was a referee.  Georgia loves that whistle!

Laura was a deer and Mary, a prisoner.

Caroline was Queen of Hearts.

Lily and her friend Kelsey were dressed as ocelets from Minecraft.  

And I may be biased, but I think Georgia had the "Cutest Costume" in her little pink mouse outfit!  Those tights and shoes are so precious, I can't handle it!!

Even though my brother didn't wear a costume and I didn't get his picture, he deserves "Most Entertaining" for running around the yard and playing with Abby, Ava and Janak all night!  Thanks John!

We hope you had a Happy Halloween!  Now on to the holiday season!! :)


Aunt Jan said...

Love all the pics. Looks like you had a great time! The kids are the cutest 😍. You are so creative.👻

Baby Nursery Rhymes said...

Happy Halloween!!! Great piece of creativity. Very impressive.