Friday, December 15, 2017

A Christmas House Tour

Hi friends!  Merry Christmas!  Is it possible that it's only 10 days til Christmas?!  It is high time that I shared my Christmas decorations with you!  Georgia and I have been decking the halls for a few weeks now, getting everything 'just so' before we share the big reveal with you.  I hope this post puts you in the Christmas spirit and maybe gives you some ideas for your next Christmas decorating project!

Here we go:

The living room is trimmed with evergreen garland, red plaid bows and throws and twinkling lights over the windows.  I needed a high place to display my breakable ornaments, safe away from toddler hands, so I decided to add greenery to the tops of the windows and hang the glass ornaments from that.  I love the look and may continue it even after Georgia is older!

For the tree this year, I knew I was going to have to rethink my traditional decor.  Instead of ribbon which is too fussy for my redecorating toddler helper, I added red and green pom pom garland running vertically in the tree.  Then I added yarn pom poms in ivory, red and burgundy.  I made the red and burgundy ones after I bought the ivory ones from Hobby Lobby as inspiration!  I love it and think it suits our lifestyle this year.  Georgia loves to pull the pom poms off and throw them around.  She also likes the plastic candy ornaments.  Everything is hanging on the tree with string, no hooks.  I was afraid of what a hook could do if she took it off the ornament!  Any glass ornaments that I included are at the top, and so far nothing has been broken. :)

I added my red sleigh in front of the tree and filled it with presents.  Georgia likes to climb in the sleigh, so it's usually empty for her enjoyment. 

A couple of new ornaments this year are this glass hot air balloon ornament that my mom bought for Georgia. 

And the teapot Santa with his teacup full of cocoa.  These are collectibles from Hallmark that my aunt buys for Georgia every year! :)  Isn't it darling?

Over on the side cabinet, I made a gold and green arrangement with pinecones and eucalyptus.

For the dining room, I went with a simple arrangement in my antique toolbox.  It's filled with greenery, eucalyptus, gold sprigs, pinecones and red ornaments.

I hung my mother's collection of Shiny Brite ornaments over the china cabinet.  

I made this scroll artwork after spying on one Etsy.  Isn't it a neat idea?

In the kitchen, I kept things simple with a greenery centerpiece on the table and some LED cookie cutter lights around the window.

Downstairs in the den, the mantel is decorated with my collection of trees in silver, brown and burgundy.  The burgundy pillows and plaid blanket tie it all together.

I finally got around to making Georgia a stocking like ours.  Yay! :)  I can't wait to see her reaction to Christmas morning when she gets to open her gifts from Santa! 

She's been practicing by removing the bows and tags and sitting on some of the presents.  :)

She's also very interested in the nutcrackers.  I put my Nutcracker collection on display on the high shelf in her room and we have to play the music box Nutcracker every day.  :)  She loves it.

 This is what Christmas is all about. :)  Hope you are finding the joy in the season about this time, too.  Merry Christmas from the Horvaths!


TA Guthrie said...

Cute stuff, esp; the last 4 or 5 pictures, that make the day !!!! papa