Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy Fourth of July!

Welcome to my blog! Here is the place where I will document all the important and interesting happenings in the Horvath household! Get excited!

I want to post some before and after pics of our new house, but that will have to wait till I get my new laundry cabinet installed! In the meantime I will entertain you with our new fitness plan. It's called Couch to 5K. In our case it might be more aptly named "Computer Chair to 5K". But whatever. Today was our first day. You can read all about the program at Cool Running.

Since we managed to survive day 1 (in which we ran a total of 8 mins combined) we will try to stick to the plan and see what happens! Skinny jeans are in my future! :)

Happy Fourth of July everyone! We are going to Tanglewood to picnic with my sister and her husband tonight. Yay, fireworks!