Friday, November 13, 2009

Christmas Stockings

So, this year, my sister requested a pair of Christmas stockings for her new fireplace mantle.  Of course, I was delighted to whip out the Christmas box (wherein all the sparkly, luscious Christmas fabrics and trims are stored). 

Here is my inspiration from Frontgate:


So, first things first, I chose red satin and green satin for the stockings and quilted gold for the cuff, plus a couple of coordinating trims, and a sprinkling of bells!  (Bells are always required!)

Using my trusty pattern, I cut a front and a back for each stocking.  Then in order to line up the embroidered snowflakes just right, I drew a grid on the back of each front. 


Then I spent an hour or so stitching snowflakes on the spots where the lines crossed using gold embroidery floss.


Then I added a gold bead to the center of each snowflake, gold and black braided piping, a gold cuff, a little bow and bells!  Here are the finished stockings, ready for Santa!



Happy Not-Quite Christmas Season! 



Andrea said...

Uh oh... I may need to commission you to make some for the Roberts family! ;-) I found some "vintage" knit stockings that I like, but they're quite expensive... Nick's response was "you have a month to learn how to knit!" oh dear. Remember how dreadful I was at knitting???

Hannah said...

They look so lovely on my mantle! Thank you!