Thursday, November 05, 2009

Light fixture makeover

This week, I finally got around to fixing up the light fixtures in our den.  There are two identical wood covers, one on each side of the room.  This is what they used to look like:


So, I deconstructed them and primed and painted the wood part white.  And I sprayed the little metal caps white, too.

Here is one reconstructed on the ceiling:


While it looks much nicer with the light turned off, as soon as the light comes on behind it, the wood is in the shadow again and looks like a dull gray color.  Boo.  I’m tempted to leave the cover off completely… it was soooo bright in there without it, but I kept looking up at the bare bulbs.  It wouldn’t be too long before I burn out my retinas with that behavior. 

So… what kind of light fixtures look good on the ceiling?  And let out a lot of light?  I’m thinking some kind of serious fluorescent deal for over my work table and maybe a chandelier-esque thing for the other side of the den.  What do you think?