Saturday, November 14, 2009

Recycled Christmas Centerpiece

Today during our second round of Christmas shopping (whew… too many people!) I snagged a few Christmas floral picks and some candles at ACMoore for a repurposing project.

Last week, my mother gave me three broken wine glasses that she has been saving to make a Christmas candle holder.  They basically sheared off at the base of the glass.  So, I hot glued the cup portion to a glass candle plate.  Then I embellished it with silver and evergreen sprigs and blue berries.  Add a few candles, and voila—instant centerpiece!


So, now you know what to do with all those broken wine glasses!


And this one is blue and silver, so it will last way into Winter for a little sparkly and shine to banish those winter blahs.


The best part?  It only cost $6!  Oh, and, I managed to get rid of some more broken junk that is taking over my parents’ house and repurpose it into something beautiful! :)  



Anonymous said...

Love love love it! Great idea! - debbie

Prasad Kumar said...

Awesome idea for centerpiece. This holiday, we're planning to make our own Christmas table decorations and I think using natural materials will really be great. Thanks for the inspiration!