Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Birthday Blocks and Bunting!

Last weekend was my niece’s 2nd birthday party!  Yay!

So, we finally had an excuse to decorate over the top for a party.  Here’s a look:





Okay, so maybe that wasn’t completely over the top…. I mean, have you seen my house at Halloween? ;)  But for this party, we stuck with the birthday standards.  I do love me some balloons... Abby does, too, apparently!  I also threw in some birthday banners, bunting and crepe paper for good measure.

Anyway, I made the pastel flag bunting from scrap cottons with girly prints and just stitched them onto lime green bias binding.  Pretty fun way to jazz up the ceiling.  Now I just need another piece for the other side of the chandelier. :) 

But, the piece de resistance was definitely the cake, as always.  The little yellow blocks on top spell out her name A-B-B-Y.  Some people thought it said ‘baby’ but clearly, no.  :)  The blocks were made in mini loaf pans and then cut 1” high and stacked two together like a mini layer cake.  I arranged them on the big cake and stabilized  with a dowel rod cut to length and pushed through the balancing block on top all the way through the bottom cake layers.  Then I iced the blocks with an open star tip.  Each side had a different design and I used three different colors for the sides.  I think next time I will outline the block faces so they look more defined like real blocks.  And I’ll also put them on the cake with the sides that face one another already decorated… what a pain to get in those tiny spots and pipe stars!  What was I thinking?  Luckily, Abby didn’t care that it was a mess! :)



We all had a great time watching her open presents, ride her new tricycle and eat her little birthday block cake! :)


What a cutie…



Happy 2nd Birthday Abby!



Andrea said...

Yes, Happy birthday to Abby! Great cake! ;-)