Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Furniture Swap

So this weekend, while we were snowed in, I decided to set up our “new” printer/scanner/fax/copy machine that I stole from my parent’s house (they weren’t really using it).  ;)

Well, this office has major problems, most of them involving our desks!  So, until we can find a new desk or desks that will fit the space, I just stuck the printer in the corner next to the closet… for now.

It’s hanging out on a little dresser that I snatched from the laundry room.


This dresser was a nightstand that we got secondhand.  I painted it semi-gloss black and bought new brushed nickel pulls for it.  It looks great with the sleek printer!  And it balances out the art on the wall above.


That “art” would be our college diplomas!  After five years, we finally got them framed as a Christmas gift from my parents, who built the frames for us.  They really look great in here.

Since I had to steal the little dresser from the laundry, there was an empty spot in there which had to be remedied.  So I swiped this antique sewing machine stand from the den.  This piece was another gift from my mom for our new house.  Don’t worry, the den won’t miss this one.  :)


While we are in here, let me show you the pink rose wreath I made for the wall.


The roses came from my wedding decor and the wreath form was leftover from my brother’s wedding, so this one cost me zero dollars!  And if I change my mind later, I can disassemble it and use it again. :)  Sorta looks a little Valentine-y in here, no?

So, I’m just watching it rain onto the snow, today.  Wishing that groundhog hadn’t seen his shadow in PA!  Happy Groundhog Day!