Saturday, February 20, 2010

Phase Five: A Chair for the Den

The day has finally come!  My den couch finally has a friend!  And we are recalling all those phases of den redecoration. ;)
Here it is!  A chair for the den:
The little chair and his matching brother came to us from the alley behind the local thrift store.  Even the thrift store people didn’t think they were worth saving and essentially gave them to my mother for $2.50 a piece!  Whoo hoo! 
Being the resourceful lady that she is, Mama brought them to her new carport and tucked them safely away as a future project.  When the matching Queen Anne couch arrived and our den was still lacking proper furniture, I decided to steal both the chairs and the couch for my house!  :)  So, out they came from under the piles of junk “fabulous finds” in the carport  into the light of day!
Here is the sad state of affairs before:

 Poor little thrift store reject. :(
Don’t worry…
 Guthries to the rescue!!

And so, Michael and I stripped it down to the wood and paper.  Then Mama refinished the legs to match the couch with Bombay Mahogany spray stain.
Next, we started re-cushioning the arms with poly batting and recovering the chair with cream fabric.  The fabric is called “City Blocks” and is made from recycled plastic bottles!  It is virtually stain resistant—at least I couldn’t stain it when I tried! :)  (However, I recently learned it is not resistant to cat claws, and evil cats leave little holes in the fabric everywhere they touch!)
Here’s a photo reel of the “rescue” process:

IMG_1056  IMG_1058

IMG_1295   IMG_1347
Voila!  Finished product:  




Now, if we can just get the other one finished, we’ll be set.  Plus coffee table, floors, lighting, shades, paint etc, etc….. :)


But, I do think it’s looking more and more like my photo-shopped “inspiration photo”:
den refurb
How do you like the new chair?  Think you need to hit up the local thrift store for rejects to rescue?


Hannah said...

The chair looks lovely! And I am a super big fan of the green pillow in it...did you make that? Cuz I LOVE!