Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Cutest Flower Bed Ever

I have been pretty bad at keeping up the ole blog, lately.  But trust me, there has been a LOT of blogging going on in my head.  We’ll just call that brain logging or “brogging”.  When I’m not brogging, I’m hard at work making more projects to blog about later.  And I’ve been ever so busy.  Here’s one of the projects that’s been brewing in my brog, finally ready to reveal on the blog!

A while ago I mentioned to my mother that it was really annoying to have to mow around the crape myrtle tree in the front yard.  Random in-the-yard trees that grow limbs that smack you in the face while mowing, plus interrupt the nice even mower path I try to make are not my favorite kind of tree.  So, she figured it would be a good idea to put a flower bed around said tree to make it easier to mow around, make the tree look purposeful instead of stuck in the center of the yard, and also to give me another place to grow flowers.  More flowers?!  ‘Nuff said.  So, when my tree-loving, flower-bed-not-loving-so-much husband, finally gave the go-ahead for a flower bed that was “no larger than two feet in diameter”, I passed on the news to my Mama.  The next day when I returned home from work, I was greeted with the cutest flower bed ever, that she had created for me.   See:


Cutest Flower Bed Ever.


And we filled it with an assortment of petunias, coleus, and dianthus. 


I love these striped ones, I call them “carnival” because they remind me a ferris wheel or something fun.


I also like these frilly ones with the white edges.  Pretty.

IMG_5320 IMG_5321

Oh, it’s so cute, it makes me smile every time I see it.


Thanks for stopping by… keep on coming back!  I’ll be real blogging about a slew of other projects from my brog very soon, including a porch swing makeover, a cute planting table, new deck sconces, and many more!  But for now, I gotta run… I have lots of projects to work on! :)



Hannah said...

indeed...cutest flower bed ever. I think Josh has finally agreed that we can expand our current flower beds to house more foliage...hooray! thanks for sharing the brog!