Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hammock Landscaping

Michael and I decided to get a hammock as an anniversary gift to ourselves this year.  It’s a handwoven cotton hammock from Mexico.  We ordered the matrimonial size which fits two adults plus a dog…. or one adult and three children… and so on. :)  We also got tree straps so we could move it around and avoid putting hooks in our trees.  The first thing we did was to find a couple trees between 13 and 20 feet apart.  We hung it in the front yard at first, since there were two trees the right distance apart.  But when Riley wanted to join us by the hammock, we had to tie her up so she couldn’t run away.  This led to much plant destruction as well as Riley wrapping herself in knots around trees, bushes, etc.  So, we decided to move the hammock to the back yard so Riley could run around freely in her new fenced-in yard.  The only likely spot for a hammock was this little nook:


Unfortunately, this space was home to three beautiful (and large) azalea bushes.  Since it was the only place for a hammock in the backyard, we decided the azaleas had to go.  After all, there was plenty of room for azaleas elsewhere in the yard, but no where else for the hammock.  So, one day we just went to work digging out the azalea bushes and moving them—one went in the adjacent bed, one in the English garden, and one in front of the deck.  Having found new happy homes for the azaleas, we had to re-landscape against the fence in this bed.  We couldn’t just leave it mulch and hammock tree straps.  So we planted five hostas and five violets to create a shallow border behind the hammock spot.  Here’s what it looks like most of the time, sans hammock:


And here it is, all ready for some summer relaxation!


Hmm... that looks very inviting… see you all later!