Monday, September 26, 2011

Falling for Autumn

It’s that time of year again… September is drawing to a close… leaves are gathering on the yard and driveway… there is a chill in the air!  Yay, fall is here!  Time to break out the fall decor and spruce the house!

Here’s a look around at some of my updates, starting with the living room console.  I just added a wonky pumpkin (my favorite kind!) and a bunch of leaves to bring it some harvest charm.  Notice anything new here?


That’s right, [people who have memorized my decor] it’s a new lamp!!  I have lamp envy for all those people in blogland who seemingly replace their lamps every year.  But I have more important things to spend money on, like wonky pumpkins!  So I wasn’t in the market for a new lamp.  I didn’t really need another lamp (or so I thought) but when I spotted this cutie at the Habitat Restore, I snatched it up quicker than you can say “fifteen dollars!”  Mama was trying to filch it from me the entire day with her longing looks and talk of how it would match her picture frames in the guest room.  I was about to cave, too, thinking she could just use it until I needed it back someday.  But once we got it home, I ran around the house trying it out in several different spots.  Then, I placed it right here on the console table.  And it was love at first sight.  Cue the Hallelujah chorus… LOOOOOOOOVE!

I never thought a lamp would work here since the outlet is situated right behind the cabinet and you have to pull it away from the wall to accommodate for the plug.  Then you have that annoying gap between the wall and the furniture mocking you all the time.  But after seeing it, I figured I could live with the gap, since the little lamp is so pretty and cute and matches perfectly!!  Then I remembered this extension cord I had that has a flat plug.  Hooray engineers!  It worked perfectly.  Wasted a perfectly good extension cord where no extension cord was needed, but I was able to push the cabinet almost all the way back to the wall.  Happy ending for me and my new lamp.


Ah, where was I?  Oh yes, fall decor tour.  Ahem… moving on. 

Here is the dining room in all its harvest finery, as usual:


I set the table with Mama’s lovely harvest dinnerware and chargers.  Don’t worry, she’ll get them back (and my table will be naked!) after Halloween.  Right now her house is getting decked for our annual Halloween party, so I’m just keeping the dinnerware company until they are needed. ;)


I wanted to switch things up this year with my table decor, but when I put the cornucopia on the silver tray, I just had to leave it on the table.  It looks like dinner is served!  That is if you want metallic gourds, Indian corn, leaves, and mini pumpkins for dinner.  :)


I decked the chandelier with it’s usual metallic fruit ornaments and added a leaf garland to the grapevine.


I did add one new thing to the dining room this year.  The iron urn with fall floral and my new DIY lanterns found a home on the flatware cabinet in the corner.


And I had some fun decorating my little white shelf in the kitchen with a harvest plate and my pumpkin votive holders.  Cute, cute!


Now that my house is ready for fall, I can concentrate on getting my parents’ house ready for our annual Halloween party!  Come back soon for some spooky Halloween decor!


P.S.  The House Tour page is up-to-date with all new fresh photos.  Click over for some never-before-seen updates in the living room, kitchen, and office!