Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Oooh La La Light Fixture!

Remember when I told you how I was pining for these lovely light fixtures for my den?  Well, my sweet Mama bought them for me as an early birthday present!  Yay!!!!  And my Papa was here today and installed them for me!  Double Yay!!!  And here I am to show them to you in their new home…. can you say it with me?  Triple Yay!!!


Here’s how the sitting room side of the den looks now with its new light:


And here’s how the sewing room side looks with its new light:


I can already tell the difference over my sewing table.  The new lights are a few inches lower than the old ones which lets more light bounce off the ceiling.  Plus the size of the shade is way bigger than before so more light can escape.  And of course, they are lovely to look upon, unlike their predecessors:

IMG_4517  IMG_7630

The base of the fixture is a dark bronze, almost black color.  The shade is cream with a linen texture.

Lights off…


Lights on!


Thanks Mama for my birthday present!! :)

What do you think of my new lovely lights? 



Anonymous said...

I like 'em.......