Thursday, September 29, 2011

My little pumpkin

Yeah, this post is not about a child of mine *which I do not have*.  That is usually what people are talking about when they say something about a little pumpkin.  Seriously, I’m not crazy… not much, anyway.

This is post is about my new little tiny velvet pumpkin that I got for my birthday!!

Yeah I’m writing an entire post about it, that’s how special it is…

Here is what I’m talking about:



And no, I’m not referring to that pretty girl in the frame… but thanks!  The frame is another gift from my good friends in Columbus, Ohio.  Thanks Andi and Nick for my birthday gifts!!


The pumpkin is a Hot Skwash and you can tell a Hot Skwash because it has a little gold signature on the stem… mine’s the real deal, I know…I just checked!  They are made with a big circle of velvet gathered at the top and filled with plastic beans or some kind of weighted filler.  Then a real pumpkin stem is inserted in the opening and the whole thing is tied off to keep it together.  I imagine some glue is also used to keep the stem from coming out.  Someday when I find a deal on velvet, I’m gonna DIY some of these pumpkins!  And then little pumpkin will have some friends!

But for now, the frame and it’s little buddy, little pumpkin, are hanging out on the end table in the living room.  It’s a cute little display space that is safe from puppy drooling/licking/sniffing/knocking in the floor.  However, it’s not safe from kittens.  But so far Bandit hasn’t tried to chew on the pumpkin stem.  He did sniff it though, which could be a sign of future chewing-ness.  Hopefully he makes the smart decision to avoid my little pumpkin.  Or else one of them will have to go… and it’s not going to be the pumpkin!


Just kidding… sort of.

Love my new little pumpkin and the feeling of Fall around the house!