Sunday, October 23, 2011

[Halloween] Party in the Parlor

Next stop on the decor train is the parlor of the Guthries haunted mansion.  It’s decked out for the Halloween party with bats, ivy and spiders… Oh My!

Here’s a look around:


The room is dominated by a pool table in the center, but we didn’t let that stop us from creating some intimate seating areas for party-goers.  In one corner, a little round table is topped with sparkly spider web fabric.  A skinny lamp lights the tree behind.  Ivy is creeping along the walls and bats have infested the whole place!


Opposite, a vintage chair with side table creates the perfect spot to watch a game of pool while enjoying a snack.  More ivy and bats mingle with a haunted house and a quartet of ghosts.  Even the Barbies are getting into the spirit of Halloween as they hang out (in costume) on the porches of their festive house.


Over by the window, bats are swooping over a small couch.  A couple of graphic pillows (that I embellished with nothing but a black Sharpie marker) make for a comfy spot to relax.  Spiders are making their way up the wall of vintage Halloween prints (courtesy of The Graphics Fairy—I simply printed, distressed and tea-stained them).  The black cornice lends a gothic air to the pale room.  (The cornice was a thrift store purchase.  Formerly upholstered in a navy and peach brocade, I painted it black with craft paint and hung it over the window frame.  I LOVE it!)


An ornate gold mirror gets a spooky treatment of creepy cloth and a black rose wreath (formerly of my laundry room decor, spray painted black!)  Perfect for setting the scene in a spooky parlor. 


The real reveal comes when darkness falls and the candles are lit on every surface.  That’s when the ghosts come out to play!

Come back soon!