Friday, October 21, 2011

Lewis Fork Acres Cemetery…. People are Dying to get in Here!

The 2011 Halloween Decor Tour continues as we venture outside to the graveyard.  For years we’ve had a graveyard as part of our party decor, but this year, we repositioned it for maximum exposure as well as added a new entrance sign.  I also repainted all of the headstones with more information about the deceased.  I love it!  Here’s a look during daylight:


Visitors are greeted by a grinning skull and welcomed to Lewis Fork Acres Cemetery, nestled on a private property in a wooded area.


An age-old brick pathway leads to a small fenced area where three souls were laid to rest.


Beyond, three other mortals were consigned to their graves, finding eternal rest among the foliage.


By day, Lewis Fork Acres may seem a peaceful place to visit those who have gone before, but come nightfall, the dead rise and walk among the living.  Bonfires are lit in the boneyard to ward off malevolent spirits.  Visitors to the cemetery must be especially vigilant on All Hallow’s Eve when souls are wont to wander and make mischief. 


I hope you will come back to see the spectacle on Halloween night when candles are lit, fires will blaze, and the dead will walk.

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TA Guthrie said...

Very Halloween like.....Of course you know this is 'Her' naming year. Welcoming another member to Clan Guthrie on Samhain.....Papa