Monday, October 03, 2011

Decorate with Feathers… Halloween style!

I wanted to call this post “New Ways to Use a Feather Boa” but I figured that might get some strange inquiries from googlers. :) 

So as you might have imagined, I used a feather boa to dress up the banister for our Halloween party…  In keeping with the purple and black theme, I had to look beyond our traditional railing decor… harvest tinsel, orange and black lights, leaf garland, etc. and find something new and creative to use…

Then I had a “flash of an idea” as my mother likes to say.  Only it wasn’t just a flash, but the whole idea!  Wrap a black feather boa around the banister railing to punch up the wow factor and also coordinate with the black and purple color scheme!


And of course, I didn’t stop there.  Mama bought black and purple tinsel and two strands of purple LED lights!  And I raided the Halloween boxes and discovered some purple beads that I repurposed as a swag garland beneath the boa.  The tinsel and lights were woven in front of the boa to add fullness and glitter to the display.  And to finish off the spooky scene, I carved out a hole in the bottom of one of my spray painted dollar store pumpkins and stuck it on top of the banister finial!  Genius!  :)  A raven perched on top of the pumpkin echoes the feathers in the boa. 


What do you think??  Isn’t the pumpkin finial super clever?

Perhaps I shall make fill-in-the-blank comments just to make it easy for you:  “I think your Halloween banister looks _________.  I especially love the ___________.   Way to go, Sarah!  You are so _________.   XOX, Your Name Here.”

Aww, thanks! :)


P.S. Only 26 days until our big soiree!  Check back soon for more Halloween decor as we continue haunting the halls at Fort Guthrie!

P.P.S. If you are coming to our Halloween party, you must still act surprised/awestruck/amazed by all the decor when you see it in person! It’s all gonna look so much better at night! :)


Hannah said...

I think your Halloween banister looks spooky! I especially love the mice! Way to go, Sarah! You are so....hmmmm....modest!