Thursday, November 03, 2011

Halloween Party Wrap-Up

Ahhh, Halloween is over.  I am bummed but also a bit relieved since so much time and energy was required to host our 15th Annual Halloween Costume Party.  Now that it’s all behind us, let’s reflect on our evening of mischief!

Guests were led up a lighted path to the front porch…


Which was wrapped with garbage bag garland and lighted with orange lights. 


A couple of spooky glowing trees flanked the front door along with the pumpkin topiaries.


Visitors were discouraged from lingering by the giant spider and his well-wrapped prey.


(I have been wanting one of those cocoon mummy things for a couple of years.  This year, rather than buying a cheap wire version, I decided to make my own.  Using plastic grocery bags and tissue paper, I taped together a man-sized form and wrapped him up with sheeting and cheesecloth.)

The party got underway in the living room.  The mantel was the focal point with the dinner buffet spread out in front.


Dinner included mini stuffed potatoes, mummy dogs, chicken strips, a veggie tray, bruschetta, shrimp cocktail, pizza, chips ‘n’ dip, and a cheesy witch’s hat!  Not to mention there was an entire taco salad bar in the next room and a buffet of desserts!


More spooky trees added to the ambiance in front of the bookcase.


And on the far wall, Dracula set out with his candelabra for a walk through the graveyard, while ghosts and bats danced in the sky.

(For this transformation, we simply painted the graveyard silhouette on the wall.  Dracula was cut out of foam core and taped up alongside.  It was definitely a hit with our party guests!)


The kitchen got a little Halloween-ification, as well, with a ton of tinsel and a very special apothecary collection in the window. 


Various tonics, potions and poisons are laid out, close at hand. 


(We collected various bottles, some vintage, some new, and glued on apothecary labels that I found online.  I filled a few with colored water, and some with various crystalline substances and powders to give it an authentic look.)

The dining room was for punch, the taco bar, and desserts.  The silhouettes returned to grace the main wall and ghosts fluttered from the ceiling.


Dessert included Halloween shaped cookies and chocolate cupcakes with orange, green and gray frosting. 


The chandelier was draped with creepy cloth, skeleton figures and a lone raven perched on top.


The parlor, or billiards hall, was decorated with new gothic cornices on the windows. 


And ivy and bats in the corner.


Costumes ranged from historical to cartoon, with a few Halloween favorites thrown in.  We abandoned our popular vote costume contest a few years ago, but this year I decided to award superlatives to several notable costumes.

Best Dressed:  Josh and Hannah as Doc Holiday and Big-Nose Kate

Most Creative:  Debbie as a paper doll

Best Historical Figure:  John as William Wallace (Braveheart)

Crowd Favorite:  Abby as a tiny witch

Best Use of Props:  Nelson as “The Jerk”

Most Groovy:  Mike and Molly as a pair of hippies

15th Annual Halloween Costume Party

Though I didn’t win anything, I really enjoyed my pirate costume, mostly because I got to carry a sword. 

Here’s me and Michael, dueling:  Sword versus Spell.


After sampling all the delicious offerings for dinner and playing a few rounds of pool, guests retired to the graveyard to enjoy the cozy firepit, ghost stories and S’mores!


And at the end of the evening, we even got a couple of songs out of Johnny Cash.


Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!!



Anonymous said...

Halloween is over, what are you doing for Thanksgiving?