Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dream Desk Reveal!

It’s here!  Our fabulous desk was delivered on Friday and we spent a good part of the day installing the last two drawers and putting all the pieces together in the room.  Since our hall is pretty narrow and this desk is pretty huge, we opted to build the desk in five pieces and assemble it on site.  But before I launch into a full elaboration of the what, why, and how, here are the AFTER PICTURES!!

This is my side of the desk:


and this is Michael’s:


Note there is a clear separation so he cannot be shoving his crap over on my side of the desk.  :) 


I don’t think boundaries will be a problem since we have this huge expanse of space to share.  In fact, it is so deep (30” to be exact) that I can’t even reach the back from my chair.  And I have my monitor pulled forward so I don’t have to squint.  Must be nice having a 24” monitor and perfect vision… Michael.  


The little cabinet (not little) in the center provides another point of separation, has three storage drawers for us to stash office supplies, and space on top for the fancy printer paper-ejecting robot. :)


And of course, the three drawers in the middle aren’t the only spot to stash stuff; we each have our own giant drawer in the center of our workspace.  It’s built right into the apron to appear as seamless as possible.  And since it has no drawer pull, I keep forgetting it’s there and looking for stuff in the other drawers instead.  All this time calling it the “invisible” and “secret” drawer has convinced me it’s not real. :) 


It’s hard to believe this desk which we have dreamed of, fought and argued about, toiled over, cried and bled for is finally finished!  (It’s so epic, I know.  Hey, I can’t help it if we got splinters and they bled.  Plywood is rough.)  It’s finished, and it’s awesome!  And if you don’t believe me yet, just have a look at the before and after transformation:




I’ll be back tomorrow to share all the details that got us to this result.  Stay tuned for the full report in which I learn how to design furniture the right way, make a cut list, install drawer runners, “check the square”, and finally put a screw in correctly.  It’s going to blow your mind.  Well, maybe not.  But it’s sure to entertain… see you then.