Friday, January 13, 2012

New Year, New Centerpiece

Since all the Christmas decorations have come down, I’ve been rearranging and reaccessorizing all the blank spaces in our home.  First up was the dining room.  I filled my antique toolbox (previously seen here and here) with a bunch of cream and green flowers and set it on the table as our centerpiece.  I’m so happy to have it where I can see it daily.  It wasn’t getting as much face time in the den.  It’s so cute and everyone who sees it loves it! :)  Thanks Mama for sharing your antique find with me! (Don’t worry, she has one, too.)


The centerpiece is flanked by my fancy crystal candlesticks and a couple of green candles.  I love the juxtaposition of crystal with the aged wood.  It makes me smile… and also makes me wonder if I’m gifted just a little bit? ;)  


The rest of the room got an update with more green accessories.  The peacock plates went back up over the flatware cabinet.  The top of the cabinet is decorated with some black metal accents in the form of an iron urn with a vase inside and a wire basket (got on clearance!) filled with rolled-up napkins. 


The cabinet across the room was refilled with crystal glasses after our big New Year’s dinner and the lower shelf decorated with a crystal bowl full of green apple candles.  I keep trying to get rid of these silly things, but they are so cute that I can’t part with them.  :) 


Speaking of New Year’s, here’s a look at the table setting from our dinner party!  I got a new red tablecloth (on after holiday clearance!) for the occasion, and I love it!


The dining room wasn’t the only room that got a spruce after the holidays… I added some new accessories in the living room, too.  (Truthfully almost all the rooms got updated, but I’m only sharing the good stuff.) ;)  The accent cabinet is now sporting a special addition!


I was at Target after Christmas checking out the holiday clearance and I walked past this darling bird in the Valentine’s section.  After finding some wrapping paper and Christmas cards on clearance, I had to go back to the Valentine’s aisle and snatch up this little guy, too.  I thought he was a deal for only $3!  And you all know how I love birds (and butterflies, lol).


He makes me smile!  And it doesn’t hurt that he’s hanging out in front of a special photo of me and my sister (posing together in our wedding dresses, in the back of my Mama’s truck).  Double smile!

Hope your new year is off to a great start… I haven’t been exercising like I should, but I have finally trained Riley to walk a loop in our neighborhood each morning!  Hooray!  And we’ve been hard at work on the number 1 project of 2012… our fancy new office desk.  Hopefully it will be finished in a week or so and I’ll be back for the big reveal!

Stay tuned!