Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Relaxing Outdoor Room

I love our two story deck.  It’s pretty cool having a lower level deck out the back door of my sewing room/den.  And it makes a great spot to set up the buffet at our annual backyard party.  But for the rest of the year, it just sits there empty except for my potting bench and some random end tables.  :(  I have been longing for some outdoor furniture for this space.  I covet my sister’s wicker porch set and drool over the sectionals in the Pottery Barn catalog.  I have dreams of an “outdoor room” to rival most living rooms complete with a ceiling fan, twinkle lights, cushions and pillows, candles, a good book and a cold drink.  Ahhhh, I am getting carried away!

This dream has been on the back burner since our deck is in disrepair and needs to be rebuilt.  But recently my mother acquired an old metal couch frame.  It was rusty and the paint was chipping, but all she (and I) saw was potential! :)  She brought it home and we scrubbed it down and brushed all the old paint off and sprayed it black.  My go-to for spray painting most anything. :)


It wasn’t much to look at, huh?  But it has the same lines as my old table and chairs on the upper deck.  I knew with some new cushions and throw pillows this baby would shine. 

So we painted it and bought six outdoor cushions from Walmart.  It was ready just in time for our Summer party and I used it as extra seating in the yard.  And promptly at the end of the party I cleared the deck and put my new couch down there.  I grabbed my Kindle and a drink and set to enjoying my new “outdoor room”.  With the twinkle party lights still glowing I was having a vision from my dreams!  It was awesome!

So on Tuesday evening I decided to finish setting up my new outdoor room and stage it for some blog photos!  Yay!  I had such fun bringing all the elements together.  While I still don’t have matching chairs, an outdoor rug, a ceiling fan, or a cool old trunk for the coffee table, I think we are well on our way to my vision!





I assembled all the lovely potted plants leftover from the party and I brought out some cool lanterns that have been needing a home.  It is totally cute!  I love it!  And it looks even more relaxing (and beautiful) at night!







You know where to find me… now I need some company to join me out here.  :)  Come on over!

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Aunt Jan said...

You and your Mom amaze me! I love the new outdoor living room!