Thursday, May 02, 2013

Festive Summer Retirement Party

Last night we hosted a retirement party for my boss and here I am to share all the details with you!  My coworkers were responsible for all the food and beverages, and they put me in charge of the invitations and decorations!  Whoo!  I wasted no time getting started on party crafts!

The theme of the party was colorful summer flowers.  The invitation featured a floral design with bright mums in aqua, red, and coral. 


Since I was reusing tablecloths from our past parties, I looked to the colorful patterns as a jumping off point for the rest of the theme.  So off I went to Walmart to buy a rainbow of tissue paper and to Michael’s for a colorful selection of scrapbook paper.  I made an array of tissue pom poms to hang over the buffet tables and a myriad of colorful flowers to serve as centerpieces.  The scrapbook paper became a banner to decorate the window and I crafted colorful paper garlands with the leftover paper.  The look really came together… see for yourself!

The back room was set up with two buffet tables.  Pom poms hung over the tables and the paper garland was strung along the front. 


All of the pom poms were two-toned!  I love them… I kept them to reuse at our next party and they are currently hanging in the garage so they won’t get crushed! :)



The mantel and the rest of the tables were decorated with tiny tissue paper flowers that I stuck on stems.  They were displayed in a variety of bud vases.  So cute!


The mantel has another paper garland and an array of crystal vases filled with more tissue flowers.


The coffee table and the bookshelves by the bar were strewn with more flowers and votive candles.  This one is my favorite:



The two buffet tables were filled with a variety of yummy appetizers and dressed with a rainbow of monochromatic arrangements made with silk flowers from the dollar store! 



There was even a table filled with an assortment of tiny cheescakes!  Delicious!


All the food was labeled with these cute dimensional cards that I made.  The mum image is carried over from the invitation and also mimics the tissue paper flower shape. 




And in the library we had two bar tables with wine, beer and soda. 



In the main room under the mantel was our beautiful tutu cake!  My coworker and I made the cake ourselves and decorated it to look like a tutu from the ballet Paquita.  (We work in a dance costume shop and this is my boss’ favorite tutu design!)  The cake turned out amazing and it was the highlight of the party.



It was decorated with four layers of “frills” and a “plate” complete with copper colored ruffles and tiny gold edible pearls.  And to top it off, a tiny replica tiara to match the ballerina’s.  Isn’t it lovely?


The paper banner was opposite the mantel.  Happy Retirement Carolyn!


It was a great party and so much fun to decorate.  I hope you are inspired for your next soiree! 



Anonymous said...

The party was DEFINITLEY incredibly festive due in great part to your decorations! The flowers everywhere were magnificent and they, along with the great flowered table cloths, really brightened up a not-so-exciting party room. The cake was a masterpiece!!! Carolyn was beside herself - downright teary - about how wonderful it all was. I think she will always remember this party as a VERY special event!!! Kathy

Sarah said...

Thanks Kathy! :)

Anonymous said...

Sarah, you will never be allowed to give up your indispensable sewing jobs, but your party giving and decorating skills are just as amazing. Everything was PERFECT--from the bright tissue flowers and matching napkins, festive banners and food tags, the twinkling votive candles,to the crowning glory Paquita tutu cake!!! The whole house sparkled!! Thank you for the lovely party, and for being you. Carolyn