Sunday, October 20, 2013

Halloween Sneak Peek

October is almost over which means we are in Halloween decorating mode for our annual costume party.  The party falls on the weekend after Halloween so you’ll have to wait for the full reveal.  But I thought I’d share a quick peek at some of our new decorations this year.

Every year we say we aren’t going to buy anything else.  And then we carry all the boxes of stuff down from the attic and I become adamant about not buying new decorations.  We have over 20 boxes of decorations, people, it’s insane!  But inevitably we see something on sale that we “just have to have” and there goes my resolve!  So this year we have only bought a few new things so far (clearance sales after Halloween are our favorite time to shop, though, so it could get worse!)

Among our purchases is a faux mercury glass skull from Big Lots.  It looks just like the Pottery Bern version but it was only $5 and it is gorgeous!  :)  So I had to feature it in my special display:  The Cabinet of Curiosities.

This china corner cabinet was a recent find of my mother’s.  It is isn’t completely refinished yet, but she recently acquired new glass shelves for it, so it was empty and just waiting for my designer touch to spookify it!  I am so excited, it is my favorite Halloween vignette ever!


It is in the corner of the “vampire parlor,” as we are calling it.  It’s packed full of silver, black and white accents.  There’s even a light in the top so everything is illuminated for the party!  Love it!


Welcome to the cabinet of curiosities!  On the top shelf we have the “staircase to nowhere” which actually leads to the second floor of a dollhouse that we started constructing 20 years ago.  There’s a little skeleton waiting on the stairs. :)



The next shelf has a stack of old books topped by the famous mercury glass skull.  It really sparkles with the lighting in here.  The bony hand is from a bag of bones that we usually dump in the graveyard, but I have repurposed some of them for inside use this year. 


The bottom shelf features my PB mercury glass pumpkin and the faux mercury glass frame that I painted as well as an arm that I wired together and some crystal bottles. 


The glass doors show a section of what’s inside, but you’ll have to draw nearer to see the details. :)


Pretty curious, yes?


Only 10 days till Halloween (and 12 until our party!)  Are you ready to get spooked?

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