Friday, October 04, 2013

I see [some shutters] and I want [them] painted black!

So… two years and two months ago I had this brilliant idea to paint the front door black.  At the end of the post I told you how I was going to paint the storm door and the shutters to match.  Yeah, well… about that…  I am slow. 

I have finally completed phase two of “paint all the things black”.  My dad came a few weeks ago and took down all the shutters for me.  I don’t do tall ladders. :) 

We powerwashed them and stood them up by the driveway.  Then they sat there for a couple weeks.  And in the meantime my house looked like this:


Finally I got around to washing them again and painting them black!



So while we were taking down the shutters these little pieces of paper kept fluttering down.  They read:  “Due to the ‘color molded-in process’ these shutters cannot be painted” or somesuch nonsense.

Uh, yeah right.  We decided that maybe in 1990 or whenever these were installed, they couldn’t be painted.  But the paint world has evolved and now we have this nifty thing called Krylon Fusion!  So I disregarded the stupid little notices and followed the directions on the paint can for painting vinyl.

I basically sprayed on two coats and let them dry before moving them into the garage to cure for a week. While I was at it, I stuck all the screws in a piece of cardboard and painted the heads.

Then Papa returned and we reinstalled all the shutters.  FYI shutters have a right side up.  We hung the first one upside down because I wasn’t paying attention.  Duh!  When we finished, I stood back to admire the new look.  And I love it!


(No, our grass did not die… we are reseeding the front yard!)


I love it, I love it!  It feels like it was this way all along, probably because the old color was hunter green which is pretty dark, so you might not notice.  Lucky for you, I am telling you! 



Now I just hope this paint will hold up for a while.  If not, I suppose I can always repaint them! :)  And of course I must do something about the storm door.

I almost forgot the best part:  Before and After!!



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