Friday, December 19, 2014

A Holly Jolly Christmas House Part 2

Welcome back to the Horvath House!  Today we are venturing downstairs for the second part of the Christmas tour.  If you missed yesterday’s post, go here to see part one of the tour.


I kept with the traditional green, gold, and silver theme in the den.  I switched up the mantel a teensy bit from last year, though.  See I am capable of change! :) 


My couch is sporting a new plaid throw which I love!  It’s actually a green blanket with a piece of plaid fabric folded over it.  The fabric was cheaper than a real blanket would have been and it gives the same effect.  Very cozy!


Yes, my cut wood is still stacked in the fireplace from last Christmas!  It was quite a lot of trouble stacking it in there and I am in no hurry to move it!  Besides if the apocalypse happens, I’ll be ready with my firewood.  Haha!


I finally found a place for my “Joy” hanging decoration (from World Market).  I layered it on top of my pinecone wreath.  Then I had to move the NOEL letters to the dresser since it would have been too many Christmas phrases in one mantel! :)  So I put my snow birds in the center instead.  I even gave them a little Christmas nest to tend to. 



Across from the mantel is my turquoise dresser.  It’s decorated with some candles and greenery.  Santa is parachuting in from the North Pole!




I’m thinking next year I would like to switch things up down here and do a colorful bright Christmas theme with pink and blue colorful lights and lots of bright dots and stripes.  I’m writing it down so I won’t forget! :)

Now that we’ve seen the inside spaces, let’s take a look at the outside!




And here is what it looks like all lit up at night:






So pretty!  I love Christmas lights!  I think next year I am going to wrap red ribbon in between the lights on the columns like a peppermint stick!  Last year we were on the list for Best Holiday Homes in our town.  The list hasn’t yet been released this year, but fingers crossed!! :)

Thanks for coming along on the tour.  I’ll be back with another Christmas post before the day arrives.  Stay tuned for the Guthrie Christmas spectacular in which I feature my mother’s Christmas decorations! :)signature 1