Monday, December 29, 2014

2014: Before & After

Well another year has almost come to an end.  That means it’s time for a recap of the past year’s projects!  Last year about this time, I gave you my to-do list for 2014.  Here it is:

  • Make new curtains for the living room to match the new couches (maybe this year!) 
  • Rebuild deck… (probably not happening this year either!)
  • Clear out “the last frontier” for sunny vegetable garden?
  • Finish exterior spruce-up with black storm door, and freshly painted white trim
  • Refinish or replace dining table and refinish side table in living room
  • Refinish secondhand dining table for kitchen (already in the works!)
  • Repaint dining room with satin paint (the flat paint is so grungy)
  • Edge parking area at top of yard (we started replacing the gravel this year, so hopefully will get that finished up in 2014

We did accomplish a few of the things on the list this year!  We definitely got around to the “last frontier” and now we have a new garden spot and a new big yard! 

I refinished the living room table but didn’t get around to the dining room table, which I still want to replace!  And I decided that we need wainscoting in the dining room, so I’m waiting to repaint until after that is installed… we’ll put that on the list for next year!

I finished the new table for the kitchen, which is probably going to be nixed once we build an island for the space… we’ve been contemplating the idea of an island in the center and a small sideboard to replace the table. 

We almost completed the parking space upgrade last year… we still have about 8 feet of edger to finish, haha!  And we still need another load of gravel for it, too. 

So, here are the notable projects from 2014:

The parking space upgrade was our first Spring project, which involved adding a brick edger to our upper parking area and refilling the area with new crushed brick gravel.  It’s not quite complete, but we will have to finish that next year!



The excavation of the back border of our property was a big project from last year.  We rented a bobcat and my brother tore out all the underbrush and small trees and cleared down to the dirt.  We then spent the rest of the summer (and fall!) adding a vegetable garden, planting beds, plants, mulch, and finally grass!  It’s going to be so nice enjoying our new yard next year when most of the hard work is already done! Yay!



We also replaced our worn-out asphalt-shingle roof last year with a new black metal roof that my brother-in-law installed.  It’s beautiful and durable and hopefully will last a long, long time! :)



In addition to the exterior updates, we also made a few interior updates!  We replaced our old thrift store kitchen table with a beautiful two-tone pedestal table that I painted white with a stained cherry top. 

IMG_4751    IMG_6846

The table may not be around for long since we are planning a mini-kitchen upgrade with a custom island.  But I’m sure I’ll find a good home for the table if we decide to move it. 

In other table news,  I refinished our side table in the living room and removed the corner top unit to simplify the design a bit.  I love the new look and now I don’t have to worry about putting a drink on the top.



I also refinished the bookcase in the office while I was at it! haha!  I was repainting in there and decided that the bookcase needed work, too.  I love the new paint color and the bookcase is much nicer now!



So, that brings us to the end of 2014’s outstanding projects, and now I need a new goals list for the new year!

  • Make new curtains for the living room (maybe?)
  • Rebuild deck… still.
  • Finish exterior spruce-up with black storm door, and paint white trim
  • Replace dining table
  • Repaint dining room with satin paint and add wainscoting and chair rail
  • Mini-kitchen update with custom-built island, move pendant light, add sideboard
  • Finish parking area edger
  • Finish steps in the woods to the new garden
  • Start creekbank planting in new garden
  • Add firepit area to new yard
  • Add compost pile to garden

That should keep me busy for a while! :)  Best wishes to you and yours for a happy, healthy and productive ;) New Year 2015!  See you next year…

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