Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Corner Cabinet

So, I finally got around to photographing our new corner cabinet in the dining room.  My father built and installed it for us back before Christmas and once I got the right color hinges, (that brass just stuck out like a sore thumb!) he came back and put those on for us!  I tried painting the brass hinges and then reinstalling them myself…. hmmm… didn’t quite work out as I was expecting. ;) So I just let him do it for me the right way!


Oh! Papa, I almost didn’t see you there in your camouflage shirt… doesn’t he just disappear?

hehe :)

Here is the completed cabinet, in all its After-Christmas glory.  Anyone else feeling that empty feeling in the house that comes after all the Christmas things are put away?


I filled the cabinet with crystal glasses and a covered crystal bowl.  Then I threw in the little salt and pepper shakers to add another color in there.  It still seems a little blah to me, but perhaps something with a bit more oomph will pop up later for me to put there.  Maybe I will put something on top?  Hmm…

Anyway, I am digging the recovered cabinet space in the kitchen where the crystal was living! Hooray for space!

And here is the whole room.  All the corners are now occupied with furniture or plants!  The only thing left to do in here is paint and find something else to go on either side of the mirror.


Here’s a closer look at my new table decor.  I decided to skip the blue and white of Winter Decor this year for something simpler. 


Plus, I couldn’t find anywhere else to put the topiaries!  And they do match our china after all :)

Okay, that is it for the dining room!  Next I’ll be featuring my master bedroom furniture that my father built, and my new dresser arrangement!  So, come on back in a few days!



TA Guthrie said...

Since, there were no comments, I thought I would add one. The wild cherry trees that were the source of this project, were cut off the banks of Beaver Creek about 1974. Sent to the old Andrews sawmill where there were sawed into furniture grade 5/4 boards. Air dried for about 25 years. When my son John was in high school shop class, he and I resurrected them from storage so he could use some of the wood for his projects. The remainder became a variety of handmade pieces. This corner cabinet is one of those.......papa