Sunday, January 10, 2010

Just Tweaking Things

Last night, Saturday night, since I was not doing an 8-hour marathon game of Twilight Imperium with my husband, I decided to add a bit of trim to my table runner and kitchen curtain.

I showed you before how I wanted to redo our kitchen curtain to look more like this:

kitchen with glass front access

Well, I found some ball fringe leftover from another project, and wonder of wonders, it was green!  So I just pinned it on our new kitchen curtain to see what it looked like:


The best part is the little “crystals” on the bottom of each ball really shine in the sunlight.  I think I’ll just leave it pinned on for now.  Until I have to actually wash that curtain. :)

What do you think? 

                          BEFORE:                                               AFTER:

IMG_9024    IMG_1110

Okay, so the other things I added were a couple of tassels to the runner on the dining table:


I just took a green and gold tassel, layered some ribbon fringe over it and stitched it down.  Then I wrapped some dark red ribbon around the seam to cover it.  Nice and fluffy.

Here’s the whole thing: