Monday, January 25, 2010

Sprucing for Spring

If you build it… they will come.

And so is my philosophy on Spring this year.  I am making ready!

Firstly I decided to get a jump on Spring cleaning by repainting the molding under our kitchen cabinets.  It was seriously beat up, with nails coming out and the toe molding flopping around. 

See here:


Looks like little rats have been gnawing on it… there’s a visual for ya!



A little nail gun action and some paint fixed all those problems.




Ahh, isn’t it amazing how overlooked spots like this can be.  But with five minutes of painting, I spruced up an otherwise neglected area!  It looks sooo nice now.

Onwards to a less grody project. 

So, to beat the winter blahs and shed a little light in these dark winter evenings, I picked up this adjustable lamp from Goodwill for $7.50!  It has a cute little fabric shade which is my favorite part!  I also love how it sits sturdily on the table and doesn’t clamp on or something similar.  It is illuminating my new sewing machine that I got for Christmas!  Yay Bernina!



A few touches of Spring in the den:






Soon, the wingchairs will be finished and they’ll fill up this side of the den.  And roman shades to fill up those windows.  Still trying to decide if I want to paint the trim white or not. :)  And a new upholstered ottoman/coffee table for the upstairs living room is in the works, so the Queen Anne style one up there will be moving down here to live with his friends Queen Anne couch and Queen Anne chairs.  hehe.  I also have plans to rebuild the wooden fireplace surround this year.  Add some new floors and paint and this den will be practically finished!

Thanks for coming along for the “sprucing”.  Happy Not Quite Spring! 



Beth@The Stories of A to Z said...

I see you have a cute mantel! You should link up to my mantel party on Friday :).