Saturday, March 20, 2010

Golden Guest Room

This weekend, we painted the guest room!  It’s the first room that we’ve painted on the main level since we moved in, and only the third room that’s been painted in the whole house!  Gadzooks!

Anyway, my sister joined me for the major transformation from cartoon chaos!  For all of you cartoon drawing lovers, please skip the next part as it may be hard for you to read. ;)

Here is what it used to look like with Max, Clifford, Curious George, Cat in the Hat, Lorax, and their friends gallivanting across the walls…


The first day I primed over the drawings.  It only took three coats!  Haha.. those suckers did not want to go away. :)  Don’t worry, I gave each one a proper goodbye before the primer was rolled on. 

Then I had to choose a paint color.  After much deliberation (ugh!) over what shade of yellow to use, I settled on the same color from my laundry room, Olympic’s “Flax”.  It’s nice and clean, butter yellow in the daylight and warms to a golden yellow in lamplight. 

Hannah rolled the walls, while I painted trim and windows.  Here’s a few progress shots:


Thanks Hannah!

Then, I put the room back together.  Here’s a sneak peek at the new look!  More pics coming soon after the accessorizing is complete!



So, what do you think of the new color? Does it look like I smeared banana pudding everywhere?  Or maybe you’d like to see it with daylight+lamplight=fluorescent highlighter yellow!  Check back soon for more updates!



Michael said...

The Lorax will live on in our memory