Monday, March 22, 2010

Guest Room Update

I am back with more pics from the grand guest room redo!

Here it is with a few more accessories.




So, I finally got the shelf back up on the wall, albeit slightly crooked (aaargh!) and put some accessories up there.  I also added the paper lanterns until I can get more permanent wall art. 

I also got new white sheets for the bed! Yay, no more blue.  And we revised the comforter that I bought.  When I went to wash the thing, it was huge and impossible to wash in a standard washing machine.  Plus, the inside filler was a lovely greenish blue color, which you could see through the fabric!


I know that doesn’t look very green, but trust me, when we got it out and piled it up it was sea green!  I’m not kidding!  Where do they get this stuff?

So, in order to kill two birds with one stone, we removed the green batting and made the comforter into a duvet cover!  Then, I sewed a new duvet to go inside using muslin and white batting, not green.  And then I quilted it in rows so the strips of batting would stay put.  Here’s what I’m talking about:


Not bad for an evening’s work, huh?  And just to save an extra step, instead of making a buttoned opening for the duvet to go in and out like a regular duvet cover, I just stuffed it in and stitched up the hole with a basting stitch.  Now when I want to wash it, I just rip out the stitch and throw the cover in the laundry.  Then sew it back up afterwards.  Easy peasy.  For extra fancy-ness, I added buttons to the inside corners of the cover, and button loops on the duvet.  Then I just buttoned them together so the duvet and its cover stay right where I want them, with no shifty-ness. ;)

Ah, much better.


The remaining projects in here are the upholstered headboard, and the seat cushion for the cedar chest.  Throw in a few framed botanical prints, some new accent pillows on the bed and we’ll be done! :)  And eventually I’ll pick up a neat chair to go next to the dresser for an extra place to throw your coat when you come to stay in our guest room!

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Hannah said...

I would stay in your B&B...what's for breakfast?

Andrea said...

I would also stay at your B&B. Might I request Amish cake for breakfast?
I really like that color of yellow, do you remember the name of the paint?