Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March Marches On…

Goodbye March.

Even though I’ve been too busy to enjoy you, March, I will enjoy these memories of your first blooms of Spring.


Darling daffodils, you make me smile.  And you inspired me to paint the guest room yellow, so I’ll remember your loveliness long after you are gone.


    Oh Forsythia, I am so happy to see you.  When I planted you last year you were all nothing but sticks.  Now just look what you’ve become.  Maybe next year, all of you will bloom and you’ll be the star of the yard!



Hi, there, you have finally opened, first tulip in my yard.  Dainty tulips, you were hard-earned.  But well worth it.  I look forward to April for the real flower show.



Well hello there, Mister Bleeding Heart!  You took me by surprise.  One day you were just a purple sprout, and the next day, a flourish of delicate pink blooms.  I have been waiting for you for a year.  Last year, when we got you, you were nothing but a mess of green tangles.  My patience has paid off—you are lovely.  Now don’t you go fading away anytime soon, there are other Spring blooms coming soon!


Welcome April!