Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Life’s short…


I bet you thought this was going to be some morose tale about life, from that title, didn’t you?

Nope.  I’m back with the last project from my jam packed Saturday of last!  Somehow I managed to find the time to do this quick little craft in between spray painting the window locks (yes, I did that!) and redecorating the guest bedroom. 

But, this project is something I showed you long ago in my photo-shopped kitchen inspiration photo.

kitchen with glass front access

Do you see it?

kitchen with glass front access

There it is!  It’s that cute sign that I simply had to have to remind me to eat my vegetables, ahem.. I mean sugar.

(And of course to annoy my husband, who for one, doesn’t really care for dessert and two, dislikes putting things on top of upper cabinets! )  I know I am evil.  Moving on.

So, I had my Papa cut me a scrap piece of wood an appropriate size for my little sage advice sign.  He routered the edges for me, too!  Thanks Papa!

Then I painted it with some semi-gloss black paint.  After I selected a lovely font (Grenouille from and designed the phrase in Publisher using the banner feature,  I just sized it to fit my sign and printed an outline. Then I transferred the image to the sign with a pencil, pressing into the wood slightly to make an impression so I could see it.  Then my trusty paint pen and I went to work filling in the letters (it took about three coats). 

Ta Da!



And there it is in the kitchen.  Over the pink mixer.  Which is where I make all my delectable desserts.  :)  How appropriate.

I would have taken a nice wide angle shot for your before and after comparison, but someone had too much dessert and left a bunch of dishes in the sink!

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this mini update and remember to eat your dessert first, whenever possible!