Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Foyer Refresh

I was browsing our local Habitat Restore the other day when I stumbled upon these two framed prints.  I’m always on the lookout for nice frames that can be fixed up, but not only were these two nice frames, but the art inside was lovely!  They are originally from Target and were marked with the super awesome price of ten bucks!  Score!  The hard part was deciding where to put them.  While I thought they would look great in our master bedroom, Michael suggested we hang them in the foyer for everyone to enjoy.  They were the right size, so I took down the monster flower poster (yeah that’s right, poster, complete with its plastic poster frame) from the foyer and put these up in its place.  Ahh, refreshing.


They feature a detailed frame with a double mat and prints of flower bulbs—orchid and narcissus.  They go nicely with our other orchid print which hangs on the upper staircase wall.  I heart.



What do you think?  You like the new look?