Monday, August 23, 2010

Who Wants a [Squeaky] Clean House?

Apparently our vinyl house was dirty.  Not that anyone would notice against the tan siding or the hunter green shutters.  The dirt was doing a great hide and seek job, disguising itself as a shadow on the gutter line, hiding behind a spiderweb on the front porch, and piling up in many layers on our deck, just masquerading as old and graying wood.  But no more!  Mr. Pressure Washer Man (AKA Papa) came to the rescue to seek out and destroy all dirt from the premises!  After two days of soaping, scrubbing, rinsing, and Windexing, (and one hornet sting later—him, not me) our house exterior is squeaky clean.  And it only took four different ladders.  Whew, this is one tall house!  Fresh white (blindingly so!) trim and clean siding have replaced that dingy look that seems to blend in as time goes on.  It’s true you can’t even tell how dirty things are, until you clean them! :) 

Take a look at the transformation:

IMG_2756 IMG_2757

IMG_2759    IMG_2760 

IMG_2765    IMG_2764

Gadzooks!  Who knew our deck was that color under all the green scum?!?

Here are the much more pleasing AFTER shots:

 IMG_2810    IMG_2812

IMG_2813    IMG_2809

IMG_2807    IMG_2806

Our house has a new spiffy look.  At least until the dirt starts to sneak back in again!  :) 


Voila!  Clean House :)