Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Curtain Call

Today I knocked one more thing off the great to-do list.  That’s the wonderful thing about blogging… it keeps me accountable.  I’m sure you were all sitting by out there waiting for my follow-up post about the Great Shower Curtain Hunt of 2010.  Without that thought, I’m sure the plastic liner would have stayed crumpled up in the shower for a few more weeks while I procrastinated on finishing the shower curtain for the guest bath.  After the makeover in there, we all knew it was time to retire the patchwork shower curtain that I made in college.  You may remember it… 


(I gave it to my Mama to use in her guest bathroom.  It’s pretty cute there, I must admit.)

Well, after two failed attempts to purchase a new shower curtain (one was too green, one shrunk when I washed it… puh!) and three failed attempts to buy fabric to make one (fabric too expensive and too narrow) I finally found something online that I could work with.  Not before I wasted four more dollars on a sample from Fabric.com (too blue).  The winning option came from here.  Although, unless you feel like a sewing project, I wouldn’t recommend you rush right over there and buy one.  That’s because when I washed this one (according to the package directions) it, too, shrunk about 6 inches in length!  What is with these things?  And why do they only shrink in length? 

How high’s the water, Papa?


Obviously, I couldn’t just leave it like that.  So, that brings me to the “custom” bit of the project.  I decided to add a contrasting fabric to the hem to lengthen the curtain to normal size again.  And once again, my local fabric store failed me.  I had a lovely piece of fabric picked out, even had a swatch leftover from another project.  Off I went, armed with swatch, to the fabric store.  Then I spent ten minutes wandering around holding my swatch up to various look-a-likes, only to find that they didn’t have any of the original fabric in stock.  Of. Course.  So I settled (like always) for the next best thing.  A brighter version of my dusty teal blue swatch. 

Home I came, to preshrink it.  (Come on, people!)  Then I simply cut off a few extra inches from the curtain (saving the butterflies for appliqués on another project) and sewed on a 12” strip of my contrasting fabric.  Voila!


I promise that dark blue color is in the print on the shower curtain.  It’s just very hard to tell. :)  With my curtain finished, I was left with a few scraps of fabric with printed butterflies.  I carefully cut out the butterflies, then sized them down to appliqué onto my new guest towels!  I just ironed a bit of fusible webbing on the back then ironed them on the towels and satin stitched to secure.  No antenna, though… you think they’ll miss those?

  IMG_2849      IMG_2851

Cute.  Can you tell I have a thing for butterflies? 

Just don’t tell Michael, because he hasn’t noticed the infestation yet. ;)

Even though this shower curtain purchase was a long shot, and even though the green color I was hoping to match to my wall color isn’t even in the print, I love the colors in here.  The dark purplish brown looks so nice with the dark mahogany stained vanity (which has a lot of red undertones).  And while I didn’t plan to use teal or blue, it was a happy accident how it all worked out.  I’m even kind of glad that this one shrunk because it gave me the opportunity to customize it.  And I got some matching towels out of it, too.  Score. 


So serene… and so nice to finally have a room finished!  For now. :)


Now I’m just waiting for guests to come use my new towels! And the super clean shower!




Hannah said...

I'll come use your towels...I like the flutterbys!

Hoffcorp said...


Andrea said...

We'll be there in October! :-)

Heather said...

I'm hoping someone will decide they want all my fish stuff from Abby's bathroom so I can re-do mine. I LOVE your butterflies! Don't know why you don't decorate people's houses for a living....