Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Very Guthrie Christmas

With only three days till Christmas I am running out of time to show you all of our Christmasy things!  So I am back today to share the Christmas decorations from Fort Guthrie.

This year Mama bought a secondhand gold mirror which perfectly fit over the mantel.  I just happened to be visiting that day so we coerced my dad into hanging it over the mantel for us.  Then I proceeded to decorate the top with pine garland, lights, red candles, ornaments and gold votives.  It is perfect! 


Isn’t it beautiful?  I told Mama she must never take it down off the wall or else it might disappear into my car! :)  I am already imagining it as the centerpiece for our Halloween mantel!


This year we are obsessed with these apple spice candles from Michaels.  They smell so good!


Across the room are the rest of the stockings (hung by the bookcase with care).  On top of the bookcase we added some pine pieces that were taken from an old artificial tree.  We repurpose repurpose repurpose!  We also made a wreath out of the leftovers to hang on the chimney outside but I am a terrible blogger and I forgot to take pics of the outdoor decor!  Perhaps an after-Christmas special post?


Anyway I threw some gold and red ornaments on top with the greenery.


In the dining room everything is red and gold and green. 


I made this centerpiece with leftover pine sprigs, branches and some tiny ornaments.  We made another centerpiece with silver branches in a big white urn and decorated it with all silver and glass ornaments.  And then I forgot to photograph it.  Bad. 


Here’s the full view of the room.


In the parlor we have set up our Christmas village “Dickensville” on the top of the black cabinet. 


In town the apple salesman is pushing those apples for stocking stuffers and Santa is landing in his hot air balloon on top of the post office.


There’s Santa’s cottage in the middle of town.  Must be his vacation home, huh?


And up on the hill on the outskirts of town is a big country house.  The bears who came to visit are sledding back to their cottage down the hill. :)


In the kitchen, Mama set up another “village” of sorts in the window.  It’s a rustic snowy woodland scene complete with deer, owl, fox and Santa mouse?  haha.  The pinecone trees make their appearance here.  We have since added twig star lights and a giant snowflake ornament over top.  It’s cute!



The Christmas tree Day 1:  Looks kind of sad without all the presents underneath… Don’t worry it looks much happier now. :)


I will be back to share my Christmas tree complete with present pile soon!  Now it’s time to clean the house for our first Christmas gathering tomorrow afternoon.  Have a wonderful almost-Christmas weekend everyone!