Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Tour Part Five—Outdoor Decor

Welcome back for the final installment of our Christmas tour.  Let’s venture outside for a look at all the festive details.  But on our way out, I have to show you the foyer which is decked with boughs of pine garland. 



My pinecone wreath from Target graces the front door.


Even the lower railing got a bit of Christmas decor this year. 



By day we have pine garland on the porch and wreaths on all the windows.


I added a couple of tiny trees flanking the front door this year.  I made these with pine garland wrapped around my pyramid trellises.  It worked like a charm!  Then I decorated the “trees” with lights and red ornaments.  I love them!


I also added some zing to my wreath from last year in the form of glittery branches from Michaels and some shiny ornaments. 


At night the house really shines with lights wrapped around the front columns and draped along the roofline.  We even added a Moravian star to the porch which I love!  (Thanks Mama!)  And of course there are candles in the windows. :)


This year I finally got some lighted trees like I have always wanted.  I love them! (Thanks John!)

My brother made the form for these which is basically a pole that sticks in the ground with a small circle on top to corral all the light strings. I threaded them through the circle and then staked them to the ground. I tried various things to fasten the lights to the ground including pieces of coat hanger bent into U-shapes, light clips with a stake attached that are available commercially and also metal tent stakes.  The tent stakes worked the best!  Next year I am going to modify the design for the poles and make the circle at the top open like a U instead so I don’t have to thread all the lights through.  I plan to get more of these trees!


On the driveway side of the house we have lights on the fence and candy canes marching in front.  There are colored lights on the back fence, too!




I love my Christmas porch!


Only four days till Christmas!!  Now, I must get to the sewing room to complete my last project.  But don’t worry, I’ll be back to show you the Christmas tree at night and also to share my mom’s Christmas decor from Fort Guthrie!