Wednesday, December 26, 2012

2012: Before & After

December is coming to a close and the New Year is just around the corner.  It’s time to reflect on last year’s accomplishments and plan next year’s home goals.  Here’s a look back at what I planned to work on this past year:

  • Paint the kitchen walls and trim and possibly the cabinets
  • Paint the hallway, living room and foyer
  • Build and install desk for office, refinish bookcase to match, install bifold doors on closet
  • Install laminate floors in den (I think it might be the year!)
  • Make curtains for den windows
  • Hang additional shelving in garage (and reveal after pics of it all!)
  • Rebuild deck…  (don’t hold your breath for this one)
  • Actually make plans to clear out “the last frontier” for sunny vegetable garden??
  • Finish exterior spruce-up with black shutters, black storm door, and freshly painted white trim!
  • Install paver patio/pathway between deck and garage

That’s more than 50% accomplished.  Granted the things we did were minor in comparison to some of those big projects on the list.  Like the… ahem… deck rebuild.  We did get lots of painting done, some new furniture installed and I finally got my laminate floors in the den!  Plus we spent the hottest part of the summer installing our paver patio.  But that is something we can check off the list! :)

Here’s a rundown of my most notable projects from 2012.

In January, we built and installed our custom dream desk which was the best Christmas present ever and maybe the best project we’ve ever done.  We use this desk every day and we love it so much!



From pathetic to outstanding! Hooray!  I never refinished the bookcase or installed bifold doors.  I may put those projects on the back burner.

In other furniture upgrades last year, I refinished an old dresser in a vibrant shade of turquoise for the den.  I still haven’t organized those drawers as much as I would like, but I am happy to have a smaller piece of furniture in this space.  And that bright color doesn’t hurt either. :)



In addition to painting some furniture, we also painted some walls.  A lot of walls actually.  I finally got up the nerve to paint the kitchen and a few months later I did the foyer, hallway and living room, too.  It’s been a welcome change. 



The living room was a major project but we persevered and finished it, even the vaulted ceiling part!



We did some upgrades outside, too, completing the English garden pathways and also installing a 200-square foot paver patio in the backyard.



The paver patio was fun and challenging at the same time.  It was 100-degrees out and we were working under time constraints to get ready for a July 4th party.  But we managed to get it done!  It’s not perfect but it’s a major upgrade from the gravel mess that we were dealing with before.  I love our new patio!



and one more gratuitous patio shot. :)


And our last big project of 2012 was of course new flooring for the den!  That was my birthday present and my brother-in-law installed the floors for me!  They are beautiful and so much nicer than the grungy carpet from before.



In addition to these notable projects, I also added more shelving to the garage, but I didn’t get it fully organized so I haven’t posted about that yet.  I also added shelving in the closet under the stairs which made it so much more functional.  I will be sure to share the details from these upgrades in the new year.  Meanwhile, let’s ponder a list of to-do goals for 2013!

  • Make curtains for den windows (probably going to inherit curtains from the living room)
  • Make new curtains for the living room to match the new couches!
  • Rebuild deck… (I enjoy putting this on the list every year)
  • Clear out “the last frontier” for sunny vegetable garden (or not?)
  • Finish exterior spruce-up with black shutters, black storm door, and freshly painted white trim! (Really have to do that this year… the front door is looking lonely without his shutter counterparts.)
  • Resow grass in back yard (again)
  • Resow grass in the front yard
  • Repaint/replace garden swing in English Garden
  • Reupholster Antique Chair for Office
  • Mount new TV on wall and rearrange gallery frames
  • Refinish dining table and side table in living room
  • Install overhead lights in the closets upstairs (are you reading this Papa??) :)

Not too many major projects on there except for the ones we likely won’t do.  :)  Bu I can’t wait to get started on the new year projects with a mini-makeover in the living room and a full reveal post! Stay tuned!

Happy New Year 2013!