Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A New Old Kitchen Table

In my 2014 To-Do List, I told you I was going to refinish a secondhand table for the kitchen.  I actually completed the refinishing back in January.  And I had a couple chairs that we had previously picked up to go with it.  But, it just didn’t feel finished… so I put off blogging about it.  Well, clearly I am not motivated to sort out the chair situation (since there are only two of us and we really don’t sit in the kitchen that often) so I have decided to go ahead and show you the new table!

I had been looking for a pedestal table for the kitchen for some time, when I spied this one hanging out in my sister’s in-law’s shed.  Not good for table.  So I offered to take it off their hands... how nice am I? It was formerly painted yellow with a walnut stained top.   It’s a round table that extends to a large oval with a leaf added.  We brought it home and took it all apart so I could clean it and paint it.



This was my vision—two tone with white base and trim and a cherry top.  Like this one:


After sanding and cleaning all the parts, I primed and painted the yellow parts with semi-gloss white.  Then I darkened the stain on top with a couple coats of my favorite Bombay Mahogany polyshade.  Then I put two layers of polyurethane on the table top to finish it off.  After everything was nice and dry, we carried it upstairs and reassembled all the parts.

I pulled up my two cute chairs that I got at a discontinued chair store and that was that! 



I had some strawberries and this cute berry basket, so of course I had to set the table for a little snack. :)


I am still looking for two more chairs in a similar style so we can have a full set around the table.  But I don’t know if I want them all to have rush seats or not… they are very comfy, but I worry that 1) they don’t match the top, 2) they will get stained, or 3) the cat will destroy them.  I’ll keep you posted…



So, that’s the new old table for the kitchen… I love it!  The old one was just ugly and we bought it from a consignment store when we moved into our first apartment.  It was time for an upgrade!  The old one went to live with my brother who had a perfect spot for it in his kitchen.

Here’s your side by side before and after comparison:

IMG_4751    IMG_6846

Ah, so much nicer!  :)  What do you think?  Okay, I’m off to eat some of those berries!

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