Saturday, June 21, 2014

Another Relaxing Outdoor Room

Last May I told you about how I transformed our lower deck into an outdoor oasis complete with couch and twinkle lights.  Well, I am back with another lower deck transformation this summer!

We formerly had a couch and a couple of plastic chairs out on the lower deck.


But a couple weeks ago my Mama mentioned that she had snagged a wicker patio set from a friend for $125.  Of course, once I saw it, I wanted it for my deck!  Since she didn’t really have a good spot for the whole set, we decided to trade—she would take my metal couch and I would get the wicker set. Good deal! :)  Isn’t my Mama sweet?

So, yesterday I finally got around to “styling” the deck for the blog. :)  I even made lemonade, haha!

Here it is all ready for an afternoon of reading and relaxing:


The set included a loveseat and chair with Sunbrella cushions.  The cushions are a nice neutral green with a subtle brown stripe.  And they are so comfy!  There was also a matching coffee table and side table to complete the set.  How splendid! :)  I promptly decorated the tables with my various lanterns and plants… and of course a refreshing pitcher of lemonade!



The furniture is all weather wicker so it should withstand the elements.  The cushions are foam and they absorb water like crazy so they’ll be stored inside unless we’re using the deck.  We are planning to rebuild the deck soon and our new design will include a ceiling over the lower deck so the cushions can stay out all the time and not get soaked!  We’ll also be adding a pretty rug at that point.  Can’t wait! :)



Since there was only one wicker chair, I added a couple of brown plastic Adirondack chairs to fill out the space.  They were hanging out in the new garden, but they look right at home with the wicker.  And in keeping with the brown, green and blue color scheme I stole some pillows and accessories from around the house. :)  Now it’s so cozy out here!





And of course, I put my twinkle lights back up in the ceiling.  That way we can enjoy the space in the evening, too!  Plus, it’s just pretty! ;) 






Alright friends, I’m ready for you!  Come on over and sit a while! :)

Happy First Day of Summer!

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