Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I’m a fan

Ceiling fans are great, especially in a kitchen, when you are doing a lot of cookin’ and it gets really hot and you just need AIR!  And sometimes you char your broiler chars a steak and there is smoke everywhere.  They are handy then, too.

When we bought this house there was a cheap-o little white fan that served our purposes well… it could move air:


However, it was just not pretty enough.  So, of course, I had to remedy that. 

My former boss generously gave us a Hunter ceiling fan for our new house… yay!  Thanks, Lisa!  So, after we decided that it matched the kitchen cabinets quite nicely, we just had to purchase a light kit to coordinate.

I selected the Hunter Energy Efficient Scavo Bowl Light (whatever that means).  :)  Guess why… it was pretty!  I also liked that it included a fancy circular fluorescent light bulb.

Anyway, so we had my father install that sucker.  And since we don’t always measure things… or read the directions, after he put it up with the little extender pivot thing, we had to take it down and re-hang it flush so as not to decapitate poor Michael and other tall guests. :) 

Ah, much better:


It really classes up the joint.   I’m a fan.


Postscript: No ceiling fans were harmed in this process.  The little white fan was adopted and found a new home in my father’s workshop, where it will not be judged for its homeliness.