Sunday, August 09, 2009

Sneak Peek: New Media Furniture

So, (fingers crossed) we are supposed to be getting our new TV stand tomorrow! Here's a sneak peek of the piece during the construction phase in my father's workshop. Papa built it and Mama did all the staining and finishing.

And here is where we are going to put that solid maple beauty--yonder, on the far wall...

And here is where our TV currently lives-- in the corner, perched precariously on a cabinet. Even after four years of sitting up so high on that flimsy stereo cabinet, (which has survived two moves) miraculously it has never fallen! The new lower and sturdier cabinet will solve all those problems and look good doing it. :)

Check back soon for the big reveal which will include new lamps, new artwork, and new furniture! :) Yay! Stay tuned!