Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sneak Peek: Couch Recovery

Lately, Mama and I have been working on re-upholstering an old couch for my den.  It should be finished for a reveal this weekend, but to tide us over until then…. here are a few before pictures:


IMG_9034 IMG_9033This beauty was a $5.50 find at Goodwill.  You know my mother cannot pass up any salvageable item for five bucks!  This couch has seen better days… it was obviously a well-loved scratching posts for some naughty kitties (sound familiar, Bandit?!).  But, we are in the process of restoring it to its former glory (and then some!)

Here’s a look at the process:




The first step in the upholstery process was to pry up about 50,000 staples and tear off all the old fabric and the underlayer of cotton to prepare the piece for refinishing.  Mama then stained the legs and we got to work on the “recovery”. 

We have two wingchairs to go with the couch so we went to Mary Jo’s in Gastonia to look for fabric to cover the three pieces.  This was our second trip, mind you… after the first trip we came home with nothing for the furniture!  After another long and arduous search, which involved lugging/dragging huge bolts of fabric around the store to match patterns and colors, I finally decided on two patterns (one for couch, one for both of the chairs).  Here they are:



city blocks

Since we bought 10 yards of each, when we got home we had a decision to make… a blue couch or a cream couch?

Here’s a look at the options with some of the other fabrics we picked up to coordinate:

IMG_9047   IMG_9048 

Well, the couch is well underway… but the color will remain a surprise until the big reveal… which fabric do you think we picked? :)



Andrea said...

ooh! the blue! the blue! Although... chairs would look good in that blue fabric, too. All this hard work, and we still have yet to re-finish Landon's little chair! We're still at the pulling-out-staples point ;-)

Hannah said...

hmmm...I think white