Monday, October 05, 2009

Birthday Bounty

For my birthday, I got a cherry flatware cabinet (as if I had enough flatware to put in it) for my dining room.  Lucky for me, it has three additional drawers for storing  linens… placemats, napkins and such that I have collected over the years.

Here it is, now gracing the corner of our dining room:


I love how cute the silver tea service looks  with the dessert plates on the wall.   Like I could just go have a cup of tea and something to eat on one of the plates.  :)  The silver service was a gift from my father to my grandmother.  She later gave it to my mother, who has now given it to me to polish and display. :)


Naturally, I had to spruce it up a bit with some roses in the creamer. hehe


Now, would anyone care for a spot of tea?



Andrea said...

Gorgeous! Love it!