Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cheers for Chandeliers!

Today was a special day.  Today we got a new chandelier for our dining room--the crowning touch to our formal eating space!

The former dining room light was a white ceiling fan, never before pictured due to its unworthiness. :)

Here is what the dining room used to look like, BEFORE we came to call this place home:


And AFTER my father and husband got involved to install the chandelier (yay muscles and electrical knowledge!):


This lovely light was purchased at our local Habitat Restore for a mere $40!  The espresso aged iron finish and cream shades look right at home in our dining room.


Our next installation will be a dimmer switch to control the glow from nine forty watt bulbs!  With this much light, I’ll be able to see exactly what Chef Michael is making me eat for dinner!

Can’t wait to have a dinner party and enjoy the new ambiance!

Note: No ceiling fans were harmed in this process.  The little white ceiling fan joined his brother from the kitchen to live  out their days in my father’s new garage. :)



Andrea said...

I would like to reserve a dinner party for fall of 2010, please!

Sarah said...

Your reservation has been duly noted. :) Can't wait!