Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mr. Skeleton & Co.

Here is my new friend Mr. Skeleton, AKA Humphrey Seymour, lamenting his death at his gravesite, as best he can.  Being as how he doesn’t have shoulder rotators, this is as close as he gets to putting his head in his hands.  Poor Mr. Skeleton…


Also, unfortunately, for him, he is stuck with that garish smile for all eternity!

But, I’ve lit his “den” with a fun little candleholder and gave him a spooky tree to sit under.

This black beauty used to be brass:


For the spooky tree, I just stuck some branches in an urn, smushed plastic bags around them to keep upright and spray painted them black-ish.  I added some red, gold, and black beads for festive-ness:


The tree actually sits on the table, but you couldn’t see the branches against the backdrop, so here it is on the floor. :)

Perfectly spooky, now, don’t ya think?