Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hooray for Halloween

So, here at the Horvath house, we are getting into the spirit of Halloween.  Much of our spirit of Halloween comes from our annual costume party, which requires that I convert our house into a haunted mansion without making Michael want to kill me and hang me from the porch for extra macabre decor.

So, I have been working on a few Halloween displays lately, some go up now for our enjoyment, and some have to wait and go up just for the party night.

Here’s what we have on the counter in our guest bath—a happy Jack-o-lantern:


He’s happily sitting on a little decorative stand that I stole from my mother’s yard sale junk.  It had these lovely little people figurines on top and after I had my father cut those off, I painted it black for an eerie accessory.  Then I just threw some berries and leaves under Mr. Pumpkin for that finishing touch!  I heart!

And my other projects this week have included a couple of Dollar Tree signs for the party that were just not up to snuff as they were.  So I repainted them from this:


To this…:


…With a little chalkboard paint, some gold accents, and penciled in spider webs in the background.  Then I just wrote in the menu for our Halloween party with chalk!  Doesn’t all that sound appetizing?  Don’t you want to join us for some Bundt of Bat Bodies with Guano Glaze?  It’s tasty, I promise!

The other sign is still in the process of being fancified, so it’ll be coming in a later post.

Hope you are getting into the Halloween spirit!  Only 10 days to go! :) 


Andrea said...

Nick says the "bundt of bat bodies in guano glaze" sounds the worst... and best! ;-)